Thursday, March 19, 2009

A busy weekend!

I have been getting a lot of work with kids lately..and that's just fine with me, because kids are so much fun to shoot! I met up with Jared and his mom on Saturday afternoon at the Plymouth waterfront. Jared's mom hung out with his baby brother while Jared and I roamed the shore, having fun and taking pictures along the way. He was a complete natural in front of the camera, struck many poses -- including a lot of goofy ones -- but we had a ton of fun.

I also did something very new this weekend -- party pics! While I am no stranger to pulling my camera out at parties I've attended (my friends can truly attest to that!), this weekend was the first time I shot parties for complete strangers. Much thanks to my good friend DJ Lisa Z for setting me up with the gigs.

Friday's party was a fun-filled surprise 50th in Falmouth. The group was a rowdy, fun crowd -- a perfect group for my first attempt at being a party photographer. I am a little shy, but this bunch made it so easy! The guest of honor LOVED having "papparazi".

Saturday night's event was another surprise birthday party, also in Falmouth. An awesome family--lots of laughs, lots of fun! I love it when people get together with those they haven't seen in a long time, those moments are simply wonderful to capture.

I've got a lot of editing ahead -- stay tuned for more updates to the site!

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  1. I love the one of the old lady doing a shot... it's a wonderful image!