Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As I'm sure any photographer will tell you -- kids are not easy to photograph! They lose attention very quickly, do not like to sit still, and are hard to direct. But they are so darn cute you find yourself taking the time (and finding the patience) to go through the session until you get that perfect shot.

With my friend Zach, though, it's a little easier--he's only five but he's been acting on stage for a few years, is super vivacious, and seems to genuinely enjoy having his photo taken.  You may remember him from the pictures I took of him over the summer.  It's amazing to see how much he's grown in just a few short months.

I traveled to Cape Cod this weekend, and spent the day with Zach and his mom (my super good friend Miss Lisa Z ). We had a blast, going from the playground to the beach (where Zach defied his mom and splashed his feet in the water!!), back to their cute house in Cotuit, and on to a beautiful lake setting in Plymouth. This is the kind of session I like best -- when I have the whole day to meander around, take photos, get comfortable and warmed up. While I know it will never work for ALL my clients..it's nice to have the opportunity to shoot like that every now and then.

Zach's full gallery will be up very soon..as well as some new headshots and portraits...and maybe even a site redesign on the horizon.  But for now, here's Zach, just hanging out in his room.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Chinese New Year - Boston

While it's wonderful to work for clients I often forget just how much fun I have when I take my camera out to capture images just for me. I made a point to venture to Boston's Chinatown on Sunday to watch (and photograph, of course) the Chinese New Year celebration. What an amazing experience. Chinatown fascinates me. It's a completely different world ensconced in the city of Boston, abutting the busy Financial district, a hop skip and a jump from South Station. Crossing through the threshhold, passing by the fu dogs, you enter a world of wonder--of beauty, strangeness and intrigue. The sound of the drums, the crashing of the symbols, the deafening *pop* of firecrackers, the mesmerizing lion dances...I'm glad I made a point to get up early to see it. New images are up in the Fine Art - Boston section, but here are a few of my favorites...

 and Mayor Menino!!