Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fort Hill

The Earth is slowly beginning to warm, days have grown longer. I spied a Robin in my front yard on Tuesday afternoon and the small sprouts of growth near the shed in the back yard. Walks through the woods have begun as well, as I traipse through the trees in an attempt to coax Spring through the earth with my camera lens.

In Marstons Mills Sunday, Ricky and I walked through trails of conservation land. The sky was a milky grey, the sun only showing itself at the end of our walk. The open field is still wearing its winter look, and some remnants of Fall still remain.

Tuesday afternoon I ventured with friends to one of my favorite places on the Cape. The Cape Cod National Seashore encompasses hundreds of acres of land on the Outer Cape, from Eastham to Provincetown. Tuesday's adventure took me to Fort Hill, a place I remember from childhood, a place I've been coming back to year after year. It's beautiful in all seasons. Follow along my first walk of the season, many more to come.

 The trailhead snakes across a rolling field, offering a lovely vista of the Atlantic ocean and Nauset marsh system.

 In a few short weeks, green sprouts will begin to emerge, fiddleheads will unfurl from the water, lining the boardwalk that weaves through the Red Maple swamp.

 Lichen clings to this branch, signs of life in the still maple swamp.

 The ancient white whale jawbone marks the entrance to the Penniman house. 

 The home of whaling captain Edward Penniman. This French Second Empire style home was constructed in 1868. Penniman sailed the seas of the world before retiring here in 1884.

 Some say the third floor of the Penniman house is decide!

 The home is open for tours on occasion throughout the summer season. Locked up tight this time, though.

 Very soon these branches will be sprouting leaves and providing places for birds' nests!

 Lovely sweeping vista heading back up the hill to the parking lot.

The Nauset marsh beckons with its blue water, boaters will soon immerse their vessels in the water to enjoy the beauty of the Outer Cape.

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