Tuesday, August 4, 2009

BCAE fun and after-fun

Trotted down to the Boston Center for Adult Education last night, one of my favorite places in Boston. Chef Joanne Chang of Myers and Chang was teaching a hands-on class that I had the good fortune to photograph. Joanne rocked the class.

So many good ones--if you want to see the full set, click here.

Afterwards, I was walking to the train to head home, but ended up meeting the lovely Jenny Scott and Nathan Spencer for cocktails at Marliave, a place that had always intrigued me but I'd never had the chance to visit. Less than one glass of wine in, the camera came out again:

Sometimes the photographer needs to be in the photograph...

Jenny's new friend Malcolm

Our awesome bartender with his buddy Malcolm

And of course perusing the new BCAE catalog in between pours.

I have a wedding to shoot on Saturday--can't wait--stay tuned for updates.

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