Saturday, May 16, 2009

Headshots in the Public Garden

An old high school friend of mine contacted me via Facebook last week, asking if I'd shoot her headshots. Of course, I accepted. Amy and I were good friends in high school--I remember us being the only two people in Photo II senior year (my high school was verrrry small) and having a blast taking photos and developing them in the darkroom. I met up with Amy on Boston Common last evening--a beautiful, warm and sun-filled late spring evening--and we strolled to the Public Gardens. I've been DYING to shoot there, and am now so excited for an engagement shoot I've got planned there next month. The evening sun and backdrops were gorgeous. It was awesome to catch up with Amy--I haven't seen her for more than a decade. Gotta love Facebook for making it so easy to keep in touch with old friends.

Amy is a very crafty lady -- she makes her own soaps(!) and was kind enough to give me a sampling of her wares last night. I'm excited to use them, and you should check out her stuff - go ahead - visit the Ocean Street Spa!

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