Monday, February 2, 2009

Chinese New Year - Boston

While it's wonderful to work for clients I often forget just how much fun I have when I take my camera out to capture images just for me. I made a point to venture to Boston's Chinatown on Sunday to watch (and photograph, of course) the Chinese New Year celebration. What an amazing experience. Chinatown fascinates me. It's a completely different world ensconced in the city of Boston, abutting the busy Financial district, a hop skip and a jump from South Station. Crossing through the threshhold, passing by the fu dogs, you enter a world of wonder--of beauty, strangeness and intrigue. The sound of the drums, the crashing of the symbols, the deafening *pop* of firecrackers, the mesmerizing lion dances...I'm glad I made a point to get up early to see it. New images are up in the Fine Art - Boston section, but here are a few of my favorites...

 and Mayor Menino!!


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